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Best hunting games – A detailed overview of hunting games – UPDATED 2018

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Best hunting games


Hey, hunting game lovers, How are you?

I am “Peter” here to writing something about hunting games. (An apps developer of hunting games)  There are various kinds of games are available in online play store. Peoples now a day are more excited to play best hunting games. A statistics say that People often love deer hunting games. This article takes a look over some of the best hunting games playable. Okay let’s read,

Hunting games are an excellent way to feel hunting in Alaska or Africa but do not have the funds to go there. They can similarly be a way to meet the yearning for hunting when you are sick or injured. But nobody should consume their time on bad titles, so we picked the ten best hunting video games. We firmly believe you will get some new things here in this article.

You know, there are lots of people in the world who wants to get some real flavors of hunting. IN our life this is not an easy task always. Hunting requires a lot of time you know!

You might spend some boring time yourself. Sometimes you may pass some leisure time also. I don’t know what you do in your leisure time. Playing some best hunting games can add some extra thrilling for your day.

However, we realize that you cannot always go hunting whenever you want. Sometimes, a good hunting game is one of the best substitutes for the real stuff until you can obtain it back out hunting again.

One of the good news now a day is, there are lots of good video games that are accessible for you to pick from. So, here are our selections for the best hunting games for your gaming console, phone or computer to assist you to get through the offseason.

Ten best hunting games – Review and guide

Here are the best ten games for you. This article might be the best source for game lovers. In 2018 you will not face any trouble with this game. Just search the name on Google play store to find out the game name and enjoy your thrilling life with real hunting feeling! The day is yours. Take a look:

Deer hunter:

The “Deer Hunter” privilege has been around for years, but this newest edition lets you absorb yourself in the memoir of a hunter whenever you want via Smartphone. Deer Hunter is one of the most famous free hunting games nowadays, and it is also one of the best games you can operate on yours. The item is available on the Android and iOS.

The graphics of this piece is just superb. This game also carries an extended upgrading system for your weapons so that you can hunt more excellent and better game as you progress through the various levels. The game will allow you to get some real flavors in hunting. It is one of the most realistic hunting video game that does not mean it is not fun to play, mainly if you have got some time to kill. Be careful though, some of the more prominent prey can quickly turn the tables on you.

The Hunter:


The game is well known in the hunter. This is another realistic hunting game around the world. You will be surprised to see the hunting environments the game has. A pretty attractive addition to the video game is the utilization of ethical weapons, as you cannot shoot a rabbit with a shotgun.

The environment is teeming with wildlife and conducting with real-world environmental concerns like weather and wind direction. The game has pro version also. If you want to get all aspects, then you have to go for pro version of this game. If you’re going to enjoy all facets than you have to go for pro version, but we think the free version is smart enough to play. The game as well tracks a plethora of records and statistics your progress as you explore the broad open world looking for record-breaking trophies.

Deer Drive:


The dear drive is product SSS software. This is one of the hunting games for pc also. Not all games are easy to play on PC. The game invented a little bit earlier which was in that start of 2007. The most relax matter is the game still now enjoyable to play. Instead of moving through vast lands and stalking various animals for the ideal and perfect shot, this game places you directly where all of the action is with fast-paced shooting as different critters run by your spectacle in seconds.

All you require to do is aim and shoot. There’re various animals to take out, and some even attack. It’s an exciting thing I think. The arcade-style gem permits you shoot at animals like the prize whitetail buck, moose, grizzly bear, small varmint as well a variety of birds. You can procure this one for Windows as well as Mac PCs.

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts:



This is best and most realistic games I have ever played. This is another fantastic and cool game that you can get some practical flavor on hunting. The game highlights it’s all features incredibly detailed information on terminal ballistics, believable animal behavior, and realistic tracking, and this game extends an incredible, all-encompassing hunting game experience that few other games can match.

These pros are there to contribute your tips on how to step up your game perfectly, and their suggestion can surely be used in existent life hunting too. The graphics of this game are amazing, and you will sometimes obtain your head of the haunting prey mode, and end up precisely watch the stunning scenery of America (North America), which is your hunting floor in the campaign mode. It’s either kill or be killed here as these critters come at you with all their might.

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt


Bass Pro Shops is another game that you can install ion your phone. The game offers mini-games inside of it, and there’s a great mix of stealth movement, tracking, and shooting.

The item comes with a gun-shaped controller, which adds an all another element of fun to play the game. This game is fairly darn entertaining, and with some different options, the game is cool and best so far. Whatever your inclination of hunting, make assured you stay safe and have fun.

Carnivores Ice Age:

This is the best game who loves adventure so much also if you are nodding with enthusiasm, this delight looks like just the answer for you. Take a real journey through the Ice Age, a time while mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, and wild boars roamed the freezing planes. Additionally, you will also find an alternative mode which permits you to take on the role of a dinosaur that is obliged to evade the clutches of its captors.

I love the all adventure features the game has. This is another best hunting game for pc users. Besides the PC, you can take pleasure in the title via your iOS and Android-powered mobile devices as well.

Outdoors Unlimited:


The game proposes to deliver not solely hunting but also other outdoor pursuits such as fishing moreover camping in a single ensemble. There is an RPG system here as well, and the graphics are just beautiful.

The game is free to play. There are many conditions to hunt in, and you will learn how to fire weapons such as shotguns, rifles and even bows. Various competitions are being hosted where you can gain in-game merchandises as well equipment.



Big hunter:

Big Hunter is one of another best arcade games for Android in which you will play the role of famishing tribal people, hunting mammoths to endure. Some animals of this game are weak and will pass away by a single shot; on the other hand, some others are stronger so you should be quick.

You will get the real flavor on hunting with this game. Famine has developed in your tribe, and the living ways of people depend on you. Hunting mammoths are very hard, and you have got to be very careful.


Big buck HD:


This is an arcade game, so it mightn’t be easy for everybody to attempt their hands on it, but we consider it an excellent buy for pubs, bars, and hunting-themed restaurants. Overall it’s an excellent choice to pass some best time on hunting. It has high definition graphics. You can hunt in America and can you win the challenges. This game is an online game, You can connect with your friend on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.  If you really love hunting games, You can try it. Best of luck.

Hunter’s Trophy 2: America

This is another favorite game. Here, you take organize of your character and a tracking dog where both track down aims through combined efforts. There are three main modes while you will pay the game, namely hunting season where you earn the license and unlock a new skill, shooting range which is essentially for target practice, and hunting weekend is another mode that lets you roam your locations and freely take out prey.

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We are taking a glimpse at the best hunting games in this compilation, each endeavoring to recreate the experience virtually while delivering a genuine feel. If you admire the sport and favor not going out in the wastelands or even harming animals, these best titles will make you take a crack at feeding led to different types of critters, both widely usable and even rare.

It is time to drop the drape on the best hunting games compilation. So did you discover any of the titles above of interest? Also, if you aspire to suggest a few additions, do drop in a line either two.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the writing. The intention to write this topic is now clear.  What do you think the best hunting video games are? Do not forget to leave your favorite mentions in the space just below. Let me know in comments. Happy hunting!

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