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The Nerf Maverick is a classic. For many, she is the best Nerf blaster of all time. And also with us, she was on the list of the best Nerfs for a long time, until her successor replaced her.

What is the Maverick

According to Nerf Wiki, the first Maverick was first prototyped under the name “Prototype IX-6” in 2004. One year later, it was officially launched under the name “REV-6” as part of the “N-Strike” series; As a six-round revolver, she was already famous as an entry-level model.

Only much later, in 2013, her successor “Strongarm “was released as part of the Elite series. It was also equipped with a revolver but kept in blue.

No matter how strong the Strongarm was, many fans never got used to the new design. That’s also why Hasbro has brought out a new edition of the Maverick. “The Maverick Rev-6 White” is currently available again on Amazon. If you see it, it’s best to hit it fast, because demand seems to be very high. Here  Published an article on all the series of Nerf guns Best Top Reviews Online for Nerf lovers.

Why the Nerf Maverick is so popular

Remains to clarify what the success of the blaster is based. Here my guess on five points:

  • It is reliable. Simple construction, very open construction. Therefore hardly jamming or clamping the arrows.
  • She shoots well. Nerfs are not always about size. The range and shooting power of the Maverick put many of the big weapons in the shade.
  • She does not have a prominent magazine. Sounds like a disadvantage, but also has something good. Because duels give more effort with each shot and less tidying up.
  • She has a cool look. Not too military, not too much for toys.
  • It is cheap. As I said, the Rev-6 White is available for not even $25 on Amazon. This is worth it!

You can also see video: 

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