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A Definitive Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting Guide – How to be Happy When Bounty Hunting

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Hey, how are you all? I am martin for the first time here on the blog to write something about elite dangerous bounty hunting guide. Hope you will enjoy my session. Let’s begin! This elite dangerous engineers guide will cover bounty hunting basics and ways to increase your profit safely.

You might be well known about this matter. You already know, Elite: Dangerous is a space adventure, trading, and combat simulation video game. It’s fourth game of this series. Let’s share some valuable tips and guidelines about this issue.

Elite dangerous bounty hunting guide:

Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting Guide

What we know, Elite: Dangerous comes with a wealth of options for the aspiring commander. Elite: Dangerous bounty hunting is not all smiles and fun-times, though. You will not find many friends out in the Milky-Way when you use your days keeping one eye on their wanted status. In Elite: Dangerous, factions will seize a disliking to hearing somebody has killed one of their members. You will more repeatedly than not discover yourself making enemies of the states rather than friends.

If you do not care about probably losing friendship status with a faction because you have got a fat wallet full of Elite: Dangerous credit currency, then elite dangerous bounty hunting is definitely the way to go.


Combat ships are mainly built to sustain speed, weapons, and agility. Pilots looking to get in and out of combat scenario rapidly will wish to keep these kinds of ships in mind when looking for the market. These ships include the Viper and Eagle.


Freighters are another kind of specialized trader vehicles intentional to be flippantly armed with lots of cargo space. These are the bad boys you will wish to pick up if you are looking to drag a few hundred lots of cargo from station to station. The Freighters include with the Hauler, Lakon Type 6, Lakon Type 7, Adder, and the Liken Type 9.


The final categories of ships are the Passenger class. These ships are bit large, slow behemoths designed to haul massive amounts of tourists throughout the stars. Currently, these divisions of the ship only offer the Orca.


These ships are mainly known as the jack of all trades, and they can be fitted with whatever the player requires getting the job done. These ships include the Sidewinder, Asp Explorer, Federal Dropship, Cobra Mk. III, Imperial Clipper, Python, and Anaconda.

Choosing Your Ship: elite dangerous bounty hunting ships

elite dangerous bounty hunting ships

There’s no Millennium Enterprise or Falcon in the world of Elite: Dangerous. Now it is time to assist you to find the best suitable ship to fit your play style. In total there’re Fifteen ships available in Elite: Dangerous at this point. However, each of these fifteen ships belongs to a total of 4 categories.

Once you have decided what types of career to follow, you will require figuring out what sort of ship you wish to run. If you are looking to hunting for bounties across the galaxy, a ship like the Cobra Mk. III or even the Viper are great choices. Both of the ships offer modern jump ranges from the beginning, as well as several hard point equipment slots. The only dissimilarity is agility and speed, of which the Viper would win. All of this data, Jump Range, Armor, Cargo Space are good things to remain an eye on when you are looking for a good ship.

It is time to view what you should be scheduled into the shell of your craft for some Elite: Dangerous bounty hunting.

Outfitting utilities elite dangerous engineers guide:

As a good bounty hunter on the Elite: Dangerous, your primary priority is getting weapons right? Well sorry to tell this but you are only one-half correct. Weapon selection is incredibly crucial, but the other factors you slot into your ship can create or break your crook chasing ways.

Normally, Utility Mounts are a tricky set of points to acquire geared correctly. As a bounty hunter, this is for the most part up to you and your personal preferences.

However, utilizing 2, in particular, is invariably an excellent idea for chasing down the large targets? A-Frame Shift Interdictor will permit you to pull those who you are hunting out of Supercruise and bring you into the combat with them without getting to hang in the region of at Navigation Beacons or a star-shaped field.

A Kill Warrant Scanner is frequently the best idea too as a ship with a bounty in one system might also hold a bounty value on their head from someplace else. A Point Defense Turret or Chaff Launcher might purchase you a few seconds of free combat, but you are a bounty hunter.

That aside, whacking some of the high-quality armor plantings as well a Shield Generator onto your preferred vehicle of death is pretty much mandatory.

A powerful Shift Drive and a right set of Thrusters hardly ever goes amiss when hunting in Elite Dangerous, same true for a Cargo hold that can be utilized to scoop out and carry whatever your ill-fated foe may leave behind. Overall of these though, you had better really invested into the best Power System that you can pay for your chosen craft. These will allow you to charge a system quicker which means only one thing – more laser fire en route for pump into enemies.

Outfitting Weapons

At this stage, you will want to make sure you are well prepared with weapons and with all proper tools. A Kill Warrant Scanner is excellent for checking for bounties in supplementary systems, not to state the efficient utilization of such a tool can go in front to more bounties than you would have primitively thought.

Without a good set of weapons, you might fall in some problem in this game. Before you begin picking up gleaming shooters like a child in a candy store although there are a few things you will require to consider. Chief amongst which is what weapon type you are looking for to use. Weapons can be accompanied ships in Elite: Dangerous in 3 different ways; fixed, turreted and gimbaled.

Fixed weapons are merely capable of firing instantly forward so they need you to adjust your own position to make a clear shot. Gimbaled weapons can self-aim enemy craft in front of the ship and are often the corresponding go-to choice for bounty hunters utilizing a Viper or Cobra. Turreted weapons are capable of target the enemy wherever they are merely can be wildly imprecise at times.

Laser weapons expend an excellent deal more energy than he projectile weapons so when you are using those to monitor your heat and power levels becomes quite crucial.

A projectile weapon comes with a wider range of formats but entirely follow the same ideal launching a little metallic round at the enemy or foe to rip a hole in the ship.

Which configuration you will take is up to you. Take the time to try out with different load outs to fit your ship, your play style, heck even your organize scheme. It may have a few misses granted, but while you come upon a hit, you will be set as life in Elite: Dangerous.

Where to bounty hunt elite dangerous

Now, your ship is almost ready to roll as well the weapons are longing for the blood of the baddies. The only matter left to do is detect someone to kill as well collect their juicy bounty. Now there’s a mind-numbingly easy answer here as well that one is this everyplace. No matter where you’re you can scan virtually vessels. If they are wanted, they’re yours to kill.

You will wish to hang out around Nav Beacons and Resource Extraction Sites as well sometimes Unidentified Signal Sources.


For Nav Beacons, make for along a Kill Warrant Scanner as Anarchy systems, or when not in an Anarchy System, merely scan and wait for desired ships to fly in.

Resource Extraction sites are excellent because many times you will find pirates waiting for the next unsuspicious miner with efficient cargo to come along. These are ideal places if you love cutting some guy’s enjoyable short, besides a decent means to make the identification for yourself with the 1000s of other game players flying in the world.

Unidentified Signal Sources are common signals you will pick up in Super Cruise, and while this job is often deadly, it can sometimes extend to high-paying bounties. If you are just commencing, I highly advise sticking to Nav Beacons and RES.

Where to Cash In Your Bounties Elite Dangerous?

That is the killing over almost. You have thrown two bays entire of missiles into hapless evil doers as well fired off lots of laser rounds that even out Kraftwerk are covetous. Now it is time to cash in as well make earnings from your useful efforts. Gratefully, this is the most comfortable aspect of the whole bounty hunting profession in Elite: Dangerous. Accepting you’ve been hanging roughly in the same scheme gathering the heads of your desire enemies, it is time to wing off to a nearby location and head for the Contact page. The Security Office will have a pleasant amount of credits anticipating for you all being well.

Take into account, though, that factions are not always contributing you bounties in the similar system, particularly if you utilize a Kill Warrant Scanner. Though all of the bounties garnered in one system will be collectible from a faction with that system. Precisely fly over to a representing station as well boom, you have made paper.

Final verdict:

Hey, I am on the last stage of today’s topic. Hope you have enjoyed the full session about elite dangerous bounty hunting guide. My intention was clear to provide you a brief guideline about elite dangerous bounty hunting.

If there truly is a considerable bounty for a faction who is not in your system, consider yourself into the Elite: Dangerous Galaxy-Map and take a look for the closest station that presents that group. Yes, this component of the process can be challenging work, but when the money begins appearing this is more than deserved it.

We also should know about bounty hunter salary.

Hey, readers, that is it for the pretend of bounty hunting in Elite Dangerous. Do you’ve any hints or tips for future hunters? Then leave your opinion in the comments box down below. Bye for today. Happy journey!

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