Vanguard Binoculars with incredible ED Glasses Review And Buying Guide

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Vanguard Binoculars with incredible ED Glasses

The Vanguard Binoculars with the ED Glasses are from its Endeavor series. This series features some of the details that are most popular in the market at the moment. It has an open-bridge and ergonomic design that provides a wide viewing angle which enables its users to cover more area while hunting in open space.

Vanguard is one of the leading brands in providing tools and necessities for hunting and outdoor activities. Hence, it has not failed with its binoculars and has actually gotten excellent reviews from customers.

Pros Vanguard Binoculars:

  • Vanguard Endeavor ED binoculars deliver nature and outdoor fanatics high-performance features at an unbelievable value.
  • Premium ED glass with MultiGuard coatings let sharp, bright images and high contrast even in low-light circumstances.
  • The ED glass aligns with the colors to meet at the same focal plane to decrease the chromatic deviation and obtain the maximum resolution and image contrast, making the image sharper.

    Review Summary Vanguard Binoculars:

    Endeavor ED shows an ergonomic and open bridge design that is easy to use, along with a trivial magnesium alloy body. It also has a large center focus wheel and 3 stage twist out eyecups. , the Endeavor ED is water and fog proof with Nitrogen-charged and O-ring seal so that it can take on challenging weather circumstances. Emerald Coating is a type of coating on it which is specifically aimed at providing the full spectrum of color even though it has a band of green tones. This coating is crucial for nature aficionados because it guarantees the most bright and life-like shades of green.

    It has a P2 Phase Coating which was developed for greater image clarity. As a result, it can provide a genuine color production. Vanguard’s P2 phase-coated prisms create crystal clear images with high resolution for observation. It also has a V-Max Silver Coating which provides crisper, more vivid images and sharper divergence due to striking light reflection. Its Anti-Reflection Coating on its air to surface lens minimizes the reflection of light on the lens. Together with its fully multi-coated usage, it guarantees almost a perfect light transmission and image acknowledgment, allowing the brightest images possible, even on sunny days.

    The Vanguard Binoculars has lenses with numerous coats of optics that is completely waterproof and fog proof. It uses its Bak4 stage-coated prisms with an enhanced light transmission that enables it to be fully efficient in low lights. This makes this product one of the best binoculars for hunting at this instant. It also contains a three stage of twist out eyecups that will give you a long eye relief and lock diopter rings. One of its best characteristics is its light weight and open bridge design that makes it easier to carry around. It has a built in focus wheel that aids in having clarity in colors. It is provided with 10x magnification, 1000 yards view of the field and 8.2 feet of near focus. Vanguard Binoculars provides a premium lifetime warranty for this product.

    The technical details of this product are-

    Exit Pupil Diameter 5.2 mm
    Field of View 367 feet
    Item Dimensions 6 1/8 x 5 1/8 inches
    Objective Lens Diameter 42
    Sport Type Hunting


    • There is not much difference with its previous products in sharpness to warrant the price.
    • It is a little heavy to carry.
    • Its eyepiece does not have much space for it to fit around the eyes.
    • Its chromatic aberration creates a halo of purple or green color when looked through.                                                                  

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